Number of clicks to your application or to Easy Apply.
Number of variations of the job title published.
Number of locations (city, state) where jobs were published.
Job listings on search engine results pages that appear because of their relevance (exact match) to the search terms.
P/A Ratio:
Our key perfomance score. There's no perfect score as low numbers may indicate that a job is hard to fill. When we benchmark this number with other clients' results for the same job category, we can pinpoint when we need to revisit our content or sponsorship budgets.
Page Views:
An instance of a job seeker visiting your HIRECONTROL job posting landing page.
Sponsored jobs (Pay-per-Click, PPC) receive prominent positioning on the job board's search results page. Sponsored jobs are displayed based on the following criteria: (1) matches between job seeker search terms and terms that appear in the job title/text of job posting, (2) job location is proximate to the location specified by the job seeker and (3) job board’s ad auction algorithm.


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