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A comprehensive marketing and optimization toolkit for talent acquisition.

The principal stakeholders in the recruiting process, the recruitment team and the job seeker, deserve a better experience.

Without abandoning existing applicant tracking systems, the HIRECONTROL team provides job posting content management and marketing support to busy recruiters with on-going hiring needs. At the same time, we strive to provide persuasive, timely and streamlined information experiences for the job seeker. The result is a mutually beneficial recruiting platform delivering measurable results.

A better experience for job seekers

Improved job findability

Are you jobs findable? Most job boards (including require exact matches between all of the job seeker search terms and terms that appear in your job posting. Example: A job seeker searches on Lab Tech. Only job postings that include exact matches for the terms Lab and Tech will be displayed in search results. Note that the word laboratory, technologist and technician are not exact matches and will not be displayed (unless the terms lab and tech appear someone in the posting).

Improved job visibility

Visibility relates to the positioning your job posting receives within Indeed search results page. Three of the factors that have the most impact on the visibility are job location, posting date and exact matches between the terms that job seekers use in their search and the terms that appear in the job title field.

"Winning the Moment"

All jobs searches are funneled via a search results page. This is the place where employers compete for the attention of prospective candidates. Typically, employers display the job title on the search results page. HIRECONTROL customizes/optimizes the search results field to distinguish your job opening from other employers. The ability to customize this field has an enormous impact on both the quality and quantity of candidate response.

Persistent search functionality

HIRECONTROL improves the user experience by including our custom search tool on every job posting. In addition to providing a better user experience, increasing the accessibility of the search tool keeps visitors on the site longer (to search for other jobs).

"More Jobs"

In addition to displaying job information for a specified job opening, HIRECONTROL also displays brief summaries for all similar job openings (up to 10 per page). This means that job seekers are exposed to eleven jobs instead of just one.

"Easy Apply"

By default, the "Apply" button in HIRECONTROL job postings leverage the "Apply URL" from your applicant tracking system. However, recruiters have the option of substituting our "Easy Apply" functionality that allows candidates to apply to a job in less than 60 seconds. Candidate information/resumes are emailed (anonymously) to the appropriate recruiter. Our Easy Apply functionality, which significantly increases candidate response, is generally used for hard-to-fill or urgent job openings.

Mobile phone and tablet compatibility

All HIRECONTROL job posting pages support mobile (smartphone), tables and desktop devices. RecruiterCMO uses a combination of Responsive Web Design (RWD) and Responsive Design + Server Side Components (RESS) to ensure an optimal user experience.

On-going support for your talent acquisition team

Sponsorship budget management

Employer who do not have the capability to manage sponsorship costs at the individual job posting level on sites like Indeed are most likely wasting a lot of money. HIRECONTROL includes functionality that supports sponsorship bid management at the individual job posting level.

Custom Web pages

It is not unusual for employers to require the design/hosting of web pages in support of a variety of employment related activities such as job fairs, diversity recruiting, college/university recruiting, off-site recruiting events, etc. HIRECONTROL is fully capable of supporting the creating/hosting of virtually any type of web page.

Real-time reporting/metrics

HIRECONTROL uses Google Analytics for reporting and data analysis. Access to Google Analytics can be shared between your human resources, marketing and public relations teams.

Effective marketing for your jobs

Search engine optimization

For most organizations, Google is one of the top three sources of visitors (along with Indeed and direct visitors to employer website). Most ATS systems are not SEO optimized. HIRECONTROL optimizes employer job postings for all search engines including vertical search engines like Indeed and SimplyHired.

Sustaining your job marketing

Over time virtually all job postings lose their impact. Older job postings (30+ days) are pushed to the back of search results. Job postings that are 120+ days are not displayed. HIRECONTROL mitigates the impact of posting date and ensures that your job receive premium positioning through extended recruitment marketing cycles.

Job posting iterations

Organic job postings on Indeed are free. Therefore, from a cost perspective, there is no reason why employers shouldn’t create multiple iterations of a single job posting. Typically, we use iterations for positions that have multi-disciplinary job requirements. We also use location iterations to target competitors who are located outside of your market (city/state).

Google AdWords

HIRECONTROL webpages are compatible with Google search and display network advertising requirements.

Google Remarketing

HIRECONTROL employs Google scripts/tags for all webpages. Google remarketing allows employers to target prospective candidates who visited you website but did not apply for a job.

Google Similar Audience

Google’s similar audience function enables you to advertise to people who have not visited your website but who share characteristics with people who have. Similar audiences can be created narrowly (visitors who viewed emergency nursing jobs on your website) or broadly (all website visitors) depending on your job marketing requirements.

Facebook application compatibility

HIRECONTROL supports Facebook job search via a custom application. All RecruiterCMO webpages are compatible with Facebook advertising requirements.

Want to improve the performance of your job postings?

Responsive Design

Support for mobile phone and tablets.

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Landing Pages

The functionality of our landing pagfes explained.

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Are your nursing jobs findable?

How to make it easier for qualified nursing candidates to find your hard-to-fill jobs.

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Are your technology jobs findable?

How to make it easier for qualified technology candidates to find your hard-to-fill jobs.

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Winning the Moment

Getting the right candidates interested in your jobs and "winning" their clicks.

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