Landing Pages

Job Seekers

Candidate-friendly landing pages

Though our branded templates are designed to meet the needs of job seekers first, we did not forget the needs of recruiters. You can customize the response mechanism for each job – our “Express Interest” forms can include filtering questions and are OFCCP compliant. Need to promote an event? No problem. We can add a banner to do just that. And we can easily embed a video to bring your brand story to life.

Search on every page

Keep job seekers engaged. Make it easy for them to refine their search from the job details page.


You can use your existing career site navigation or create your own content pages.


The best way to tell your brand story.

Your Unique Employer Proposition

Include an “elevator speech” about why someone should work with you. Highlight your accolades visually.


Incorporate your own promotional banners. Think open houses and special announcements.


Add social channels and recruiter team contact information (email, phone, SMS, photos).

More Jobs

Sell relevant jobs to the job seeker before they leave your job page.

Optimized, Relevant Job Information

Job titles and key information such as schedule, specialty and specific location ae optimized.

Easy Sharing

Make it easy to email a link to the job or to “Send” the job privately to a Facebook friend.

Want to improve the performance of your job postings?