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Content Marketing and Optimization

HIRECONTROL transforms your job postings into a powerful set of recruitment marketing solutions. Our service combines proprietary content management software and powerful digital marketing techniques with the support of experienced recruitment marketing professionals.

We apply our 3 core job marketing principles

We begin by optimizing your job postings. We apply three core principles that are fundamental to the success of your recruitment marketing campaigns:

  1. We make it easier to find your jobs (findability). Watch our video.
  2. We obtain better placement on search results pages (our goal is to be on the 1st page of results). Watch our video.
  3. We turn your job titles into highly-relevant job headlines to get the attention of relevant candidates (winning the moment). Watch our video.

We target the right candidates

HIRECONTROL supports the creation of multiple iterations of a single job posting without incurring any additional costs. Using a variety of copywriting and audience targeting approaches, job posting iterations add considerable flexibility to your recruitment campaigns.

We leverage Indeed® and SimplyHired®.

We will dramatically increase the quantity and quality of candidate flow from Indeed and SimplyHired.

Everything Google®

HIRECONTROL provides a full suite of Google-related services, including search engine optimization (SEO), Google AdWords (Search & Display Networks), Google Remarketing and Google Similar Audiences.

Sustaining your job marketing

Because candidate pools are constantly changing, we sustain your job marketing campaign at peak levels until the job is filled. Our tactics drive a consistent level of candidate flow throughout the recruitment cycle.

Candidate hospitality and your brand

Our strategy focuses on the creation of candidate-friendly Web pages that are consistently branded, informative, attractive and convenient.

Social network-ready

No two employers use social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) in the same way. Our flexibility supports your unique approach to these important communication channels.

Attract passive candidates

Reducing candidate interaction costs (how much time and effort it takes to interact with your posting and to apply) is particularly important for your hard-to-fill job categories. Starting with their initial encounter with your job opening and extending all the way to the application process, HIRECONTROL reduces candidate interaction costs.

Easy Apply

High-demand and passive candidates won’t spend 30 minutes filling out an application. With our Easy Apply form, candidates can respond in just one minute. And, we can turn on Easy Apply selectively: Use it for one job, a group of jobs or for all of your jobs.

Measuring your results

HIRECONTROL metrics are supported via Google Analytics. We support a full range of reporting options, including the use of custom variable reporting.

Quick and easy to implement

You don’t do a thing! There is no software to install or learn. You don’t have to change any of your processes. Our service can be implemented within 5 to 10 business days.

Want to improve the performance of your job postings?


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